What kinds of damage does water seepage cause?

Water seepage causes 5 major types of damages:
We need to show the photos used in the IHB booklet in each of these

  1. Damage to the wall and paint: Damp causes the plaster of the walls to swell up and start shipping off. This damages both the wall and the paint.
  2. Damage to expensive furniture: Wooden furniture swell up and crack when they are kept in close contact with damp walls.
  3. Damage to electricals: Water seeping into electrical sockets and wiring can cause severe damage and may even lead to short circuits and fires.
  4. Corrosion of the structure internally: The water seeping into the walls weaken the structure by causing cracks, spalling of concrete and rusting the steel used to reinforce the structure.
  5. Formation of hazardous mould: Damps create a perfect environment for highly toxic fungal outbreaks called moulds to develop. According to the World Health Organization, a build-up of mould can cause significant fungal and respiratory infections for you and your family. They also can cause asthma attacks and allergic reaction like red and itchy eyes, skin infections, etc. Moulds also weaken your immune system over time.

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