Can I fix water damage after it occurs?

Fixing water damage is very difficult proposition for the following reasons:

  1. Finding the source of the seepage can be very difficult. A damp visible in one wall may be due to a seepage in a completely different area. Hence, repairs are often only a temporary fix.
  2. Water seepage becomes visible only at a very late stage. Seepage accumulates and travels inside the structure for a long time before it starts becoming visible on the surface of the wall. By the time the damage is visible, the internal structures may have been severely damaged already
  3. Repairs are very time consuming. Repairs may take months. Till then one would have to suffer
    1. Lack of privacy
    2. Lots of dust and germs being generated in your home due to the repair work
    3. Exposure to outside people at home during a pandemic.
  4. Repairs usually require significant remodeling of home including
    1. Breakage of plasters or walls,
    2. Putting up scaffolding to repair exteriors
    3. Rebuilding of surfaces.
    4. Repainting of walls
  5. Damp may cause build-up of hidden moulds in your home. Until the problem becomes visible, and repairs can be done, the whole family is living in an environment filled with toxic mould, which can cause a variety of health issues.
  6. It costs 4-5 times more to repair water damage than to do waterproofing at the time of construction. At the time of construction, the only cost incurred is the cost of the waterproofing chemicals. While repairs incur additional costs of labour, breaking and remaking the walls, repainting and remodelling damaged furniture.