What products are required?

Different areas of the home require different levels of waterproofing and hence, different products. The area wise lists of product recommendations are given below:

Area Section Product recommendation
Foundation PCC Casting and Tie Beam CemMix
Plinth Wall NoSalt
DPC Latex Pro
Slab casting of any floor CemMix
Water tanks Underground Tank (walls and floor) Acrylic Max 2K
Overhead Tank (inside walls and floor) Acrylic Max 2K
Overhead Tank (outside wall) Acrylic Pro / Topcoat Cool
Interior and exterior walls Any wall made with high salt content bricks NoSalt
Internal wall coating Latex Pro
Walls adjacent to bathrooms Latex Pro / Acrylic Pro
External wall coating Acrylic Pro / Topcoat Cool
External sunshade coating Acrylic Pro/ Topcoat Cool
Toilet, Kitchen, and other indoor wet areas Wall Latex Pro / Acrylic Pro
Sunken slab Acrylic Pro / Acrylic Max 2K
Tile Fixing Tile Bond
Gap of Tiles Tile Grout
Roof / Terrace Roof Mother Slab Casting CemMix
Roof and parapet coating Acrylic Pro / Acrylic Max 2K / Topcoat Cool


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