Sturdflex CemMix Gold is available in sizes 1, 5, 10, and 20-litre packs

Sturdflex CemMix Gold: Elevating Cement Waterproofing to Gold Standards

Water damage can be a silent destroyer of structures, causing cracks, corrosion, and deterioration over time. But what if we told you there’s a remarkable solution to protect your buildings and structures from the relentless assault of water and its damaging effects? Enter Sturdflex CemMix Gold, the gold standard in waterproofing admixtures for cement. In this blog, we’ll explore how CemMix Gold enhances the waterproofing properties of cement and why it stands as one of the best waterproofing admixtures available in India.

What is Sturdflex CemMix Gold?

Sturdflex CemMix Gold is a highest level water resistant & crack resistant integral waterproofing admixture with rust protection properties. It is a multi-polymer integral waterproofing admixture that provides extreme resistance to water ingress and crack formation in concrete and mortar. It also acts as an excellent corrosion inhibitor, preventing the rusting of the TMT in the structure. Its water-reducing properties further enhance the structure’s life.

The Power of Sturdflex CemMix Gold 

Sturdflex CemMix Gold is not your average waterproofing admixture; it’s a game-changer. Here’s why:

Best-in-Class Water Resistance: CemMix Gold is designed to block pores and capillaries in concrete and mortar, creating a robust barrier against water ingress. This means that your structures remain dry and resilient even in the face of heavy rainfall or high humidity.

High Crack Resistance: By reducing the heat of hydration, CemMix Gold minimizes the risk of cracks forming in concrete and mortar. This makes it ideal for areas prone to temperature variations, ensuring your structures remain structurally sound.

Protection against Infiltration: CemMix Gold’s advanced formulation not only keeps water out but also prevents harmful gases from penetrating the structure. This extra layer of protection helps extend the life of your construction significantly.

Perfect Smooth Finish: When used in concrete and plaster, CemMix Gold ensures a perfect, smooth finish. This not only enhances the aesthetics of your structure but also contributes to its durability.

Corrosion Resistance: Sturdflex CemMix Gold acts as an excellent corrosion inhibitor, safeguarding the TMT (Thermo-Mechanically Treated) bars in your structure from rusting. This is particularly vital for the longevity of any construction.

Enhanced Workability: It offers excellent workability and reduces rebound loss during the construction process, making it easier for builders to work with.

Improved Durability: Structures fortified with CemMix Gold are built to last. Its waterproofing and corrosion-resistant properties, combined with reduced crack formation, significantly increase the durability of your construction.

Compatibility: CemMix Gold is compatible with putty, primers, and paints, allowing for seamless integration into your construction projects.

Areas of the home where Sturdflex CemMix Gold can be used! 

Sturdflex CemMix Gold is incredibly versatile and can be used in various applications, including:

  • Foundation: Protect the very foundation of your structure from water damage.
  • Basement: Keep basements dry and safe from water seepage.
  • Roof: Ensure your roof remains watertight, preventing leaks and structural damage.
  • Water Tanks: Make your water storage tanks resistant to leaks and cracks.
  • External Walls: Protect exterior walls from moisture and humidity.
  • Large Water Retaining Structures: Ideal for structures like reservoirs, swimming pools, etc.
  • Drainage: Prevent water infiltration in drainage systems.
  • Bathrooms: Keep bathrooms dry and free from water-related issues.

How to apply Sturdflex CemMix Gold 

Using Sturdflex CemMix Gold is straightforward:

  • Mix cement, sand, and aggregates (for concrete) in a dry state.
  • Add 60% of the required water and mix to achieve moisture.
  • Add CemMix Gold with the remaining water and mix until you have a homogeneous mixture.

Dosage to be followed during the application process 

Use 200ml of CemMix Gold per 50 Kg bag of cement for best results.

  • Important note: Never add it to dry cement.

Why put your trust in Sturdflex CemMix Gold when it comes to waterproofing 

Sturdflex CemMix Gold, play a crucial role in assuring the product’s quality and effectiveness in construction applications. To ensure customers get the best waterproofing product, Sturdflex CemMix Gold has been thoroughly tested and certified by various institutes recognized globally. Some of the major certifications that assure customers about Sturdflex CemMix Gold’s quality are as follows:

IS 9103:1999 (Indian Standard – Part 2): This is a key certification for construction materials in India! IS 9103:1999 provides guidelines for concrete admixtures and specifies requirements for their performance and use. Compliance with this standard ensures that CemMix Gold meets the necessary criteria for quality and safety when used as an integral waterproofing admixture in concrete and mortar.

IS 2645:2003 (Indian Standard – Part 2): IS 2645:2003 is another Indian standard that pertains to integral waterproofing compounds for concrete! This standard sets down the specifications and requirements for integral waterproofing admixtures, and products that adhere to these standards are deemed suitable for enhancing the water resistance of concrete structures.

ASTM C494: Type A & D (American Society for Testing and Materials): ASTM C494 is an internationally recognized standard from the United States that governs the use of chemical admixtures in concrete. Type A and Type D are two categories within this standard. Type A admixtures are water-reducing agents, while Type D admixtures are water-reducing and retarding agents. Compliance with these ASTM standards assures users that CemMix Gold meets rigorous quality and performance requirements for concrete admixtures.

BS 5075: Part 1 (British Standard): BS 5075 is a British Standard that provides guidelines for the use of integral waterproofing admixtures in concrete. Part 1 specifically deals with terminology, composition, and performance requirements for these admixtures. Products that conform to this standard meet established benchmarks for waterproofing effectiveness and are suitable for use in construction.

ASTM 1582 (American Society for Testing and Materials): ASTM 1582 is another ASTM standard that pertains to the quality and performance of integral waterproofing compounds. Admixtures that meet this standard are deemed effective in enhancing the durability and water resistance of concrete structures, which is crucial in construction applications.

These certifications ensure, delivery of Gold Standard waterproofing when customers use Sturdflex CemMix Gold for the purpose of waterproofing.


In the battle against water damage, Sturdflex CemMix Gold emerges as a true champion. Its exceptional waterproofing, crack resistance, corrosion protection, and ease of use make it the go-to choice for builders and contractors in India. With CemMix Gold in your construction arsenal, you can be confident that your structures will stand strong and waterproof for years to come. Embrace the gold standard in waterproofing and experience the benefits of Sturdflex CemMix Gold for yourself.