Sturdflex provides complete protection for all foundation problems related to Hydrostatic pressure

How Sturdflex can prevent damages caused by Hydrostatic Pressure?

In our last week’s blog, we covered an in-depth insight into what is hydrostatic pressure and how it damages the foundation. This week we will dive into an in-depth understanding of how Sturdflex can protect the foundation, from damages caused by Hydrostatic pressure. But before we begin – let’s do a little recap on what is Hydrostatic pressure and how it affects the foundation of a home. 

Recap of Hydrostatic pressure and the way it damages the foundation

What is Hydrostatic pressure? 

Hydrostatic pressure starts to happen when the soil around the home’s foundation gets saturated with water that can’t drain off. Hence, if this hydrostatic pressure isn’t relieved, it will start pushing against the foundation walls, completing the hydrostatic phenomenon that damages the foundation of the home over time.

How Hydrostatic pressure works? 

Hydrostatic pressure functions in two different ways, they are:

  • Hydrostatic pressure pushes water through the wall 
  • Hydrostatic pressure can cause walls to bow inward and even crack 

With our recap, now let’s dive into how Sturdflex can protect the foundation from damages caused by Hydrostatic pressure. 

How Sturdflex can protect the foundation from damages caused by Hydrostatic pressure? 

Sturdflex is a highly researched waterproofing solution for home construction. It offers remarkable strength and flexibility when preventing water penetration and contains a wide range of products for foundation protection, they are; CemMix, CemMix Gold, Latex Pro, No Salt, Rust Convertor Ezy, and Rust Convertor Protect. These products are specifically designed to withstand the immense pressures exerted by hydrostatic force by combining the strength of concrete with the flexibility of polymers, creating a powerful barrier against water infiltration and damage. 

Now that we have a general idea regarding Sturdflex and how it functions, let’s walk you through how Sturdflex waterproofing protection works against Hydrostatic pressure. 

Sturdflex Waterproofing Protection 

Sturdflex acts as a waterproofing membrane, creating a protective shield against water penetration. Its unique composition resists water seepage, preventing it from reaching the foundation walls. By effectively managing water intrusion, Sturdflex mitigates the risk of hydrostatic pressure buildup and subsequent damage to the foundation. Ideal products for these types of waterproofing protection from the list of Sturdflex foundation protection product categories are CemMix, CemMix Gold, and No Salt. 

Crack Resistance

The flexibility of Sturdflex is a crucial factor in protecting the foundation. It possesses the ability to withstand movement and adjust to the natural shifts that occur in the ground. This flexibility minimizes the likelihood of cracks forming in the foundation walls due to hydrostatic pressure. Even if small cracks develop over time, Sturdflex’s elasticity prevents them from expanding and compromising the integrity of the foundation. Ideal products for these types of crack resistance protection from the list of Sturdflex foundation protection product categories are CemMix Gold and Latex Pro. 

Structural Reinforcement

Sturdflex serves as a reinforcing agent for the foundation walls, enhancing their structural integrity. By adding an additional layer of strength, it provides extra support to counteract the lateral forces exerted by hydrostatic pressure. Sturdflex’s exceptional durability ensures that the foundation remains stable, reducing the risk of long-term damage. Ideal products for these types of structural reinforcement protection from the list of Sturdflex foundation protection product categories are CemMix Gold, Rust Convertor Ezy, and Rust Convertor Protect. 

Why Choose Sturdflex?

These unique protection approaches with the use of Sturdflex ensure your home’s foundation stays protected from hydrostatic pressure while delivering overall safety and stability of your property from:

  • Water penetration through concrete results in salt formation across the walls of the basement through a process called efflorescence.
  • Ingress of water into the foundation walls forms damp and moisture that results in corrosion of the ferrous material (TMT) in the foundation that supports the constructed structure above it. 
  • Prevent the entire foundation flooring from cracking up in an asymmetrical manner due to hydrostatic pressure
  • Stop rising dampness across the foundation walls that result in mildew, mold, and algae formation across the corners, walls, and floor of the foundation.
  • Protects foundation from diagonal cracks, which expands to the entire building structure over the years

So, as an individual or business, if you are looking for an exceptional waterproofing solution for your civil structure’s foundation with a unique combination of strength and flexibility, then Sturdflex is the answer. 

Sturdflex, ensure long-lasting protection against the damaging effects of hydrostatic pressure, using a waterproofing barrier, crack resistance, and reinforcement of the entire foundation structure from corrosion. 

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