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6 Benefits of Roof and Terrace Waterproofing Solution

The roof is one of the most important features of our homes. It serves as a barrier against ever-changing weather conditions such as sunlight, wind, snow, hail, and rainfall. In a tropical country like India, it plays a major role in shielding us from the heat, especially during summer, and keeps the home cool. Similarly, it also helps in maintaining an optimum temperature during the winter. A good roof will increase the value of your home when you plan on reselling your space. Roof waterproofing is one of the ways to keep your roof healthy throughout all seasons. Also, it will keep the roof and terrace safe from other environmental menaces such as mildew, mold, and algae that threaten our health. In the long run, helping you save costs as you will forego regular maintenance expenses.

That is why it is extremely important to have a proper waterproofing solution when you plan to construct your roof and terrace. Let’s walk you through the 6 major benefits of a sound roof and terrace waterproofing solution!

6 Benefits of Roof and Terrace Waterproofing Solution 

The six benefits of Roof and Terrace Waterproofing solution, includes:

Improves Durability of Structure

Moisture damages the strength of your structure if left untreated. Hence an effective waterproofing solution will improve the durability of your roof and terrace.

Reduces Repairing Cost

Roof waterproofing will give you financial benefit in the long term by reducing the cost of frequent repairs.

Get Rid Of The Mildew, Algae, And Mould

Roof mould and algae will ruin the aesthetics of your roof. They are common in warm and humid areas. Choosing to remove them yearly can be expensive, especially if they tend to recur when you clean them. Instead of washing your roof with bleach and water, you can choose waterproofing chemicals that act as enduring resistance. A product like Sturdflex TopCoat Cool best suits these requirements. The product is designed to resolve all your mould and algae-related issues and more for a long time.

Improves Energy Efficiency

Waterproofing solutions like Sturdflex TopCoat Cool not only provide an effective treatment for a leaking roof but also offer great insulation. It is UV resistant and reduces temperature by 3-4 degrees. As a result, it helps you save on electricity bills by reducing costs like air conditioning.

Protect the Furniture and Other Interior Works

Once water seeps into your walls, it leads to the formation of mildew and mould which, if left untreated, gradually ruins the aesthetic appeal of your interiors. By waterproofing your roof and terrace, you can protect your interior work and furniture.

Prevents Health Issues

Water seepage through the roof usually spread out the various parts of your structure, leading to the growth of mildew and mold, which can impact the quality of the indoor air. This may lead to several health issues for the residents of the place, such as eye infection, wheezing, coughing, breathing problem, skin irritation and more. Getting roof, and terrace waterproofing helps prevent these health issues.

To enjoy these 6 benefits of roof and terrace waterproofing, it is of prime importance to select a reliable organization to do your job. That is why Sturdflex, for an impeccable waterproofing solution for your roof and terrace.

Why Choose Sturdflex for Roof and Terrace Waterproofing Solution


Brickbat Coba is one of the conventional yet efficient waterproofing techniques, however, it fails to deliver sustainable results in the long run. It quickly begins to show cracks, and fissures, which finally allow water to pass through. As a result, it lacks durability and adequate elasticity. Considering this, Sturdflex provides a waterproofing solution that can provide enough elongation so that it does not get affected by the change in temperatures.

Bonding Strength

When it comes to selecting an efficient and effective roof waterproofing solution bonding strength matters the most. That is why Sturdflex offers you waterproofing solutions that provide better bonding with the roof in order to provide effective waterproofing. 

Drying Time

It is important that the waterproofing primer and solution dry faster. It not only saves time but also ensures it is ready to protect your roof from the rain much faster. Also, there will be less chance of dust settlement, which can impact the quality of waterproofing. That is why Sturdflex brings you a roof and terrace waterproofing solution, that dries faster than most of the other products available on the market. 

UV Resistance

The waterproofing product you choose must be UV resistant in order to prevent the membrane from losing its ability to provide energy efficiency. That is why Sturdflex roof waterproofing is made from Dual Component Acrylic System for high-quality and UV-resistant waterproofing.

Brand’s Reputation

The brand you choose for roof waterproofing must have good experience in providing effective waterproofing solutions. It will help you rest assured about getting quality products and expert assistance. Sturdflex is a venture by Shyam Steel Group, one of India’s leading industrial houses, with a legacy of 7 decades. A name that is synonymous with reliability and quality and is trusted by millions of customers across India

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